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     "I've been a client of Ocean's Echo Reiki for over a year and Lanette is the most compassionate and intuitive healing practitioner I've had the pleasure of being supported by! Her wise counsel is lovingly guided by her years in the field, and she truly guides the client into full body, mind, and spirit restoration with grace and ease! I can fully support Lanette's expanding offerings knowing that whatever modality she offers both now and into the future will support her holistic wellness approach, and for the benefit of her lucky clients.  I'm so pleased to have her in my life supporting my wellness journey and fully endorse her services!"  -Jennifer L.

     "I am 60 years old, and I have a very complex physical history.  I have been going to physical therapy for over a decade, after having to use a wheelchair and walker for 6 years while in my 40's. My experience with Thai Bodywork has been phenomenal.  This has enabled me to maintain, even improve my mobility.  I haven't gone to physical therapy since I started my Thai Bodywork sessions.  I am able to walk further and build my strength because of how my muscles are gently being stretched.  I am able to keep up with my husband in dancing and karaoke.  My muscles do not seem to be so tired; and I feel more energetic.  Even my sleep has improved since I started Thai Bodywork."  -Diane B. 

     "Meeting Lanette changed my life.  A simple piece of advice during my first energy session transformed my meditation practice.  She modeled for me how to be a joyful, independent woman with firm boundaries. And as I continued to work regularly with Lanette, I found my life's purpose and set out passionately on a new journey. Her insights and energy practice have both consciously and unconsciously brought me to a higher state of consciousness."   -Ruth S. 

     "I simply cannot exaggerate how much my time with you has aided me in my personal healing journey.  As a "novice" (and I say so humbly) healer, myself, who is exploring herbal medicine, yoga, kundalini and chakra healing, as well as, meditation and tarot, I like to think I had myself pretty well healed.  I had done so much work but still somehow did not feel whole.  I didn't have the experience to isolate where I was storing my pains and trauma.  You allowed me to feel comfortable to talk about sensitive matters that I chose not to share with even my best companions.  You identified my blockage and helped me build a working plan to heal and unblock the chakra so that I may experience a peace with my pain and learn how to clear it.  I now feel whole; and I whole heartedly owe this to you and your loving healing energies. I am eternally grateful, and I will continue my path to walk in the light as a healer also."  -Amanda H. 

     "Energy integration with Lanette has led to a huge breakthrough in my healing process and brought such clarity and peace to overall well-being. It's been over a year since embarking on this journey with her and there has been a permanent shift in myself that has been able to build a strong, unwavering foundation.  I have incorporated regular "tune-ups" into my well-being practice that continually allow me to grow into my best self.  I consider her an integral part of my personal Team of Light." -Dana W. 

     "I had my chakras balanced by Lanette and it was amazing.  She is the best.  I wasn't feeling myself.  I left feeling lighter, much more positive and energized to deal with everyday life issues.  Her essential oil products are also fantastic.  They are great little gifts for people you care about.  Thanks, Lanette!"  -Nanda T.

     "I've been doing reiki treatments for a few months now and it has helped me greatly.  Lanette does a fantastic job, and she always makes me feel better."  -Maggie L.

     "I enjoyed my reiki session with Lanette.  It was relaxing, and I felt calm and focused afterward.  Highly recommended."  -Jim T.

     "I've participated in some group sessions with Lanette, and they are extremely relaxing and allowed me the insight I needed to view both the positive and negative aspects of my life in a calm manner.  Her incorporation of meditation, reiki, and the Chakra Oracle Cards was absolutely mind-blowing for me and a dear friend of mine." -Belinda W. 

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