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Energy Integration Coaching

Coaching that supports you in a space of unconditional love and care.

  • 30 min
  • $175 - $325
  • Via Text, Email, Phone or FaceTime

Service Description

In a Reiki/ Shamanic session with Lanette; the energy centers are cleared, cleansed, balanced and strengthened. Once the energy centers are fully aligned and infused with loving light, awareness is often elevated. This awareness offers the opportunity for emotions, memories, thoughts and physical sensations to surface, thus the healing begins, and the real work starts. The process of revealing that which has been hidden can be overwhelming in the days and weeks following, and between, sessions. You may find yourself in a place of growth and change that is confusing, not only for yourself, but for those around you. It can be difficult to find the language to describe the shifts that you will experience and the changes that you may feel compelled to make for yourself as you move into being your best self. Energy Integration Coaching provides support to gently guide you through these changes and offers the necessary language to communicate those changes to others and to yourself. Through coaching check-ins, Lanette gives consistent and nurturing guidance to empower you to achieve the following: *Release anything that may be holding you back; *Establish, strengthen and maintain boundaries; *Better communicate wants and needs; *Identify unhealthy conditioning and connections that may be supporting those; *Gently break out of unhealthy conditioned behaviors; *Learn to love yourself; *Learn to assess your communication and behaviors without judgment; *Bring yourself into alignment energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually; *Support your overall growth. Coaching includes a private, Reiki/Shamanic session along with a series of check-ins (approx. 30 minutes each) that can occur via text, email, phone call or FaceTime.* Packages: 1-hour Reiki/Shamanic session + 5 Energy Integration Coaching sessions = $175 1-hour Reiki/Shamanic session + 10 Energy Integration Coaching sessions = $275 2-hour Reiki/Shamanic session + 5 Energy Integration Coaching sessions = $225 2-hour Reiki/Shamanic session + 10 Energy Integration Coaching sessions = $325 Please use the CONTACT FORM to inquire about scheduling an appointment or text Lanette at 918-906-7128.

Contact Details


Shawnee, OK, USA

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